Get Loved Up/Koya Webb Articles

Articles ghostwritten for Koya Webb’s Blog:

“Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party At a Yoga Retreat”

“Yoni Steaming: What is it and What Are The Benefits?”

“PMS Relief”

“Practices to Create Your Future”

“How to Turn The 4 Most Common Fears into Opportunities”

“Here’s Why You Should Practice Nauli Kriya”

“How to Clear Blocked Energy”

“Find Balance Through Pranayama”

External Articles ghostwritten for Get Loved Up founder and CEO, Koya Webb:

“Koya Webb Tells All: 4 Lessons I’ve Learned on My Journey to Self-Love”

“Getting Loved Up with @KoyaWebb: A Zero-waste, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle”

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