About Camille –

Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant & Content Creator.


Camille Johnson is a senior at Temple University majoring in journalism.

Her passions for reading and writing have followed her from a very young age and she hopes to use her skills to connect effectively with others.

She enjoys writing on topics related to beauty, health and wellness, and lifestyle. In the future, she would love to one day work as a writer or an editor for a magazine.

At the moment, Camille works as a freelance writer, virtual assistant and a digital content creator. In the past, she has worked as a writer/editor for the holistic, health and wellness brand, Get Loved Up, founded by celebrity yoga teacher, Koya Webb.

During her sophomore and junior years of college, Camille served as a staff writer and an arts & entertainment section editor for Temple University’s chapter of Her Campus.

When Camille is not writing, she is either spending quality time with her family and friends, reading a book, planning her future travels, or searching for a new group fitness class to try out!