CBD Products for Quality Sleep & Optimal Wellness [Rejuvia Co. Product Review!]

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CBD products have been a key part of my wellness routine since early 2019. As someone who has difficulty sleeping and relaxing especially in the midst of stressful times, CBD has been a natural way to relax my body and mind.

When Rejuvia Co. reached out to send me a few products from their organic, THC-free CBD collection, I was ecstatic to try them out! 

Through each and every one of their products, Rejuvia has the mission of introducing the benefits of hemp to their customers. After using the products that were gifted to me for nearly two months, I wanted to share my honest review with you all.

The products Rejuvia kindly gifted me with were:

Peppermint Serenity: CBD Tincture

Essence Revive: CBD Balm

Midnight Breeze: CBD Oral Sleep Spray

Review #1: Rejuvia CBD Oil Tincture

Let’s start with the classic, CBD oil tincture. At 500 mg, the product contains Rejuvia’s premium grade broad spectrum hemp flavored with organic peppermint essential oil. Other ingredients include organic extra virgin olive oil and a blend of phytocannabinoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, and other core components of the cannabis plant.

My first thought when trying this oil for the first time was that I was very impressed with the flavor. In the past, I’ve found that certain brands of CBD oils can have a bland, unpleasant taste. With this oil, the peppermint flavor adds a touch that makes it easier to absorb in the mouth. 

This was the first time trying a CBD oil that uses organic extra virgin olive oil instead of MCT oil, a common CBD oil ingredient. I credit the organic olive oil to giving this product a fresh, clean taste which I enjoy a lot!

After using the oil for a week straight, I noticed a positive shift in my mood. I felt more energized in the mornings and developed a lot of motivation to get some projects done that I had been putting off for a while. Whether this was due to the CBD oil or not, I did notice a shift in my productivity, which was definitely appreciated.

Review #2: Rejuvia Hemp Balm

The Essence Revive Premium hemp balm is a favorite of the three products I received. My first impression was the smell. Lavender and eucalyptus are two of my favorite essential oils. Together, the two organic essential oils in this product evoke an instant feeling of relaxation of serenity over my entire body as soon as I open up the container. 

I adore how versatile this product is. I’ve always been one to use hemp balm products for muscle recovery, but this one can be used for relieving tension in muscles and joints and well as soothing dry skin.

This product has quickly become a post-shower essential for me. The balm melts and absorbs into the skin in seconds and I cannot seem to get enough of the scent. The smell of lavender and eucalyptus lingers as I go to bed which has been helping me fall asleep faster. It also relaxes my mind from racing thoughts at night.

Review #3: Rejuvia CBD Sleep Spray

And just when I thought my sleep couldn’t get any better, the CBD sleep spray came along! 

The sleep spray for me has to be at a tie with the hemp balm. Together, the two products make an ultimate sleep duo, but alone, the sleep spray performs just as well.

The spray combines CBD, melatonin and organic sleep botanicals. When I noticed that the spray contains melatonin, I instantly developed high hopes as melatonin has always been a go-to, natural sleep aid for me. 

I’ll be the first to say that the spray did NOT disappoint. The first night that I tried this, I used the spray alone aside from the other two products just to see how it would work. After using the recommended amount, I slept like a baby that night. I’ve been using it every night since then.

I will say this: the flavor does take some getting used to! Just like the oil, the spray has a peppermint flavor as well, but I find that the peppermint oil in the spray does leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste in your mouth when using the recommended dose (6-8 sprays). While it did take some getting used to at first, the taste no longer bothers me!

Final Thoughts: Rejuvia Co. Hemp Products 

Now that I’ve tried all three products for the duration of nearly two months, I have to say that I am a huge fan! While I’ve used CBD products in the past, I don’t think I’ve felt results from them as fast as I’ve felt the results from these ones. 

I love how the products incorporate organic ingredients into their products, all the way from the production process to landing in the consumer’s hands. Not to mention, the packaging of these products are so beautiful and appealing. Although these products are a bit of a splurge, I firmly believe they are worth every single penny. The results are quick, positive and effective.

To view their website and products, you can go to: https://rejuviamedical.com/

To follow their Instagram page, go to: https://www.instagram.com/rejuvia.co/ 

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