Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home!

My smile is one of my favorite features, but my obsession with iced coffee combined with being a busy college student has taken such a toll on my teeth in the last year. I recently discovered my favorite way to whiten my teeth with an awesome brand called, Smile Brilliant. 

Words can’t explain how large of a role a simple, easy-to-use system, has played in giving me so much of my confidence back. Teeth whitening is something I’ve always wanted to try, but with how expensive it can be and so many different teeth whitening solutions in the market, I had no idea where to start. This could not have come at a better time.

So, what is Smile Brilliant? 

Smile Brilliant is an at-home whitening system that uses the method of custom-fitted whitening trays to whiten your teeth. Here’s the catch: this kit costs only $149, whereas the average U.S. dentist charges $500+ for the same treatment. As soon as I heard this, I knew that this kit was going to be my go-to.

As with any product, I always need to be sure that I can trust its source. This product was created by a team of dental hygienists and professionals who have extensive experience in creating custom-fitted whitening trays throughout their careers. (Phew!) Now, let’s talk about the process.

How Does This Work?

One of the factors of the system that I thoroughly enjoy is how simple and easy-to-use it is. First, using the molding material that they provide to you, you create molds of your top and bottom teeth. (The instructions they give you make this process so smooth!)

After you’ve created your molds, you mail them to Smile Brilliant where they will create your own custom teeth-whitening trays. In about a week (or less) they will mail your custom trays right back to you! 

Now, onto whitening. First, you just brush your teeth with water (no toothpaste,) and make sure your custom-fitted trays are dry. Take the teeth whitening gel, and put a thin line of gel along the front surface of both trays. Pop in the trays, and whiten for 45 minutes-3 hours. I’d recommend starting with 45 minutes and working your way up as you move forward.

After you’ve finished whitening, you remove/clean the trays with cool water and then brush your teeth with toothpaste as normal. You then go in with the desensitizing gel, apply it to both trays like you did with the whitening gel and wear the trays for 15-20 minutes.

Once time is up, spit out the remaining gel and refrain from consuming any food or beverages for a minimum of 30 minutes. I find that the best time to whiten is before bed because that way you’ll give yourself plenty of space between the whitening and the next time you eat!

My Final Thoughts

Between the price, how easy it is to use and how fast you see results, this kit is pretty amazing. As a college student, our budgets aren’t too extensive yet Smile Brilliant makes teeth whitening affordable and easy for everyone. 

I love that the trays are custom-fitted just for your own teeth and that during the process of whitening, you can multitask and get so many other things done at once. Sensitivity was one of my biggest concerns prior to trying this kit out and I must say, sensitivity is the least of my worries when whitening with SB. This is my latest addition to my night routine and I am loving how it makes me feel!

Results (Before & After Shots):

Before Smile Brilliant
After: One month of Smile Brilliant!

Giveaway Details:

Because I love this kit so much and would love for you to try this out, Smile Brilliant is giving one of you the opportunity to win a FREE Smile Brilliant kit. Click HERE to enter the giveaway today! In addition to that, you can use the code: “writtenbycamille15” for 15% off storewide. Best of luck!!

Let’s Talk About Personal Safety…

The transition from high school to college was a huge leap for me. I went from being someone who lived and attended schools in small and quiet towns all my life to moving to my nearest city for college.

There was a lot I had to adjust to with time: the noise, being surrounded by more people than I was used to, larger class sizes, a lot more walking from place to place, and most importantly, I had to develop a whole new level of caution when it came to personal safety.

In the fall, I’m going into my senior year of college and I guess you could say that I’ve learned quite a few things along the way about personal safety in these last few years.

I felt it would be important to share what I’ve learned to my fellow college students who follow me and read my blog because personal safety is something that never hurts to take caution of.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Utilize personal safety apps

We live in a digital age and there’s one thing that remains true about many of us: we often tend to have our phones handy.

Nowadays there are so many apps that guarantee personal safety, but the one I trust and favor the most is the iWitness App. Here’s why:

This app turns your smartphone into your very own personal safety device. Whether you are heading back to your dorm/apartment after a night class or a night out, heading to an exercise class or on a jog outdoors, you are guaranteed to have strong layer of safety right at your fingertips.

This app works in just a few simple steps:

It Records

If at any point you want to an extra level of safety, you just open the iWitness app and it will immediately begin recording video and audio of your surroundings via your phone’s camera and track your GPS location.

It Gets You Immediate Help

If you begin to feel endangered or need some more help, you can tap anywhere on the screen in the app where it will sound an alarm and will initiate a call to 911.

Alerts Emergency Contacts

When setting up this app, iWitness asks you to provide emergency contacts that you can add so that they will be contacted via text and e-mail informing them that you feel endangered and need them to call immediately. The app will also send them your GPS location and the video that was recorded of your surroundings.

Save/Review Videos

At any point needed, the videos that you have recorded can be reviewed through the iWitness app on your phone.

iWitness has been my best friend now more than ever. I’m currently on summer break and one of my goals this summer is to devote more time to fitness and spending time outdoors.

Lately, I’ve been discovering new trails in my area to go walking and jogging on. It’s simple situations like those where my iWitness app can be life-saving especially if I go by myself.

I feel so much better knowing that if anything were to happen, I have a powerful, yet easy-to-use personal safety device right by my side.

Always let a family member or friend know your location

Whenever you go out, whether that be to a party, the store or to class, make sure that at least a roommate, friend or family member knows about your whereabouts.

An easy and effective way to do this is by sharing your location on your phone with them. Such a simple action can make all the difference and can even save your life.

Walk with other people (if you can!)

Walking with other people gives you some more power in a threatening situation instead of walking alone.

I’ve witnessed  a lot of people feel awkward asking another person to accompany them on a walk (I’ve definitely been there,) but I’ve come to realize that it actually isn’t an uncommon thing at all! You have to remember that your safety is a top priority.

Stay in areas that are well-lit & surrounded by other people

This is something that I love to do especially when I happen to be walking on my campus or anywhere else at night.

I have a much better peace of mind when I take paths back to my destination where I know the area is brightly lit and there are going to be other people in that same area as well. It makes me feel less alone especially if I don’t have anyone to accompany me in that moment.

Lock your dorm or apartment when you’re not there

No matter how friendly or inviting your dorm building or apartment complex seems, it never hurts to lock your doors when you’re not there. This not only keeps you safe, but it can prevent any potential or harmful situations in the future.

No matter where you are in the world, it is important to be cautious of your surroundings.

The world can be a scary place, but I hope you realize that with the right tips and tools, fear doesn’t have to hinder you from enjoying the beauty that life has to offer.

What are some of your personal safety tips? Let me know in the comments. You could be helping someone else!

To learn more about the iWitness App, click here.

To try the iWitness App for one month free, you can download it on the App Store or get it on Google Play.