The Accessory of the Summer: A JORD Watch + GIVEAWAY!

*In collaboration with Jord Watches. All opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

(Keep reading for GIVEAWAY details! Everyone wins something…) 

There’s only ONE watch that I love and have had for a while. It’s the watch that I always grab and put on when I’m going out on a nice outing with family and friends, however, in my heart I knew it was time for a new one. Jord Watches (pronounced like ‘Yode,’) a wood watch company based in St. Louis, was kind enough to reach out to me and send me one to review. What PERFECT timing.

The watch that I received was the Cassia Walnut & Vintage Rose watch. Right off the bat I was intrigued by its beautiful color as rose-toned jewelry are one of my favorite tones of jewelry to wear. The rose gold face paired with the dark walnut wood make for a gorgeous and photogenic combination.

Amongst many, there are a few details about the watch and its features that stand out to me the most:

The watch is incredibly lightweight. For a watch that is made out of wood, I expected it to be a lot heavier on the wrist, but that is far from the truth. Its lightweight property makes it a lot more comfortable to wear and doesn’t even feel like you are wearing anything on your wrist at all!

It has a clear and easy-to-read face. Nothing is more frustrating than a complicated watch face. While those kinds of watches may be stylish, Jord Watches combine stylish and readable with their pieces. The numbers and dials are crisp, clear and easy-to-read which is credited to this particular style’s concave dial.

It has a double clasp. This is my first time coming across a watch that has two clasps instead of just one. I enjoy this feature because it makes the watch feel extra secure and sits on my wrist comfortably. 

They offer watch sizing prior to shipping. To make things super quick, simple and easy, Jord watches offer watch sizing prior to shipping. This can be helpful to those who do not have a jeweler near them and on top of that, your watch will be ready-to-wear!

They are sustainable. Jord Watches uses 100% natural wood and stay away from toxic chemicals that are used to either treat or protect the wood.

The list can go on and on, but how amazing does all of that sound so far? I’ve had no issues with this watch since receiving it and have been receiving compliments left and right. This is definitely a piece I’m going to be wearing quite a lot.

 Now onto the fun part…GIVEAWAY time!

In partnership with Jord Watches, one of you can win a $100 discount off on any watch. Here’s the catch, no matter the winner, ALL of you who enter will still receive a 10% gift code.

Go to to enter today! This is a giveaway open in the U.S. AND internationally. What are you waiting for?!

Enter now:

Wooden Wrist Watch

The Skincare Line That DEFINES Beauty Sleep [Moonlit Skincare]

How many of you have heard the terms “beauty sleep” or “beauty rest” thrown around? It is believed that a good night’s sleep is important to sustain a youthful appearance and complexion. According to this study, poor sleep quality is in fact associated with signs of aging, diminished skin barrier function and low satisfaction with appearance.

Maybe it’s time we start to rethink our whacky summer sleep patterns…

Now of course today we have thousands of skin care products to choose from that can support glowing and healthy skin even when we may not be prioritizing enough sleep. But, what if I told you there was a skincare line out there that highlights the importance of both a good night’s sleep and radiant skin?

Good news, there is and it’s called: Moonlit Skincare.

I had the pleasure of coming across this brand back in April and my initial thought while glimpsing over their products at first was: Where has this line been all my life?

From skin care products to sleep essentials like eye masks, silk pillowcases and more, Moonlit Skincare epitomizes the importance of beauty sleep, literally and figuratively.

One of their products that caught my eye the most was their Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil. At the time, I was going through a facial oil craze and was on the hunt for more to try.

The vegan and cruelty-free overnight facial oil offers to provide you with “smooth, plump and redefined skin” when you wake up in the morning, while its lavender scent works to whisk you off into a peaceful slumber at night.

To use this product is very simple. You just warm up a few drops of the oil into your hands and press it into a freshly cleansed face and neck during your night time skin care routine/before bedtime.

When I first tried this product, my first impression was the cute and whimsical bottle as well as the oil’s charming, lavender scent.

Prior to trying out the oil, my concern was the possible strength of the fragrance. Would it be too strong? For me, products with too strong of fragrances are unappealing for me to use because they distract me from the true purpose of the product and can get overwhelming.

The Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil has the perfect balance of a pleasant, and natural synthetic-free fragrance that relaxes and calms the mind before bed. Aside from the stunning results that the oil brings to your skin in the morning, the fragrance of this oil ended up being one of my favorite parts about this product.

Some key ingredients that this oil includes are: jojoba oil, sunflower oil, ginseng, papaya and grape seed oil. All of the ingredients work together to soothe dry, dull, aging and uneven skin overnight and over the course of your usage.

When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks noticeably brighter and vivacious without any leftover residue like some facial oils can leave on your skin. Absorption of this product into the skin has never been any issue at all for me.

I can no longer go to bed without this stuff. In fact, when it comes to my nighttime routine, this oil is something that I look forward to using because not only do I know that my skin will look bright, dewy and radiant in the morning, I know that I will be getting a good night’s sleep as well.

Yes, this is a skin care product of your dreams and it. DELIVERS.

Moonlit Skincare has some EXCITING news. A few of their select products are available for PRE-SALE on Urban Outfitters!

Their Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil is one of the products that you can pre-order online right now. Their products will be available online and in select Urban Outfitters doors in California and New York!

Click here to check their stuff out now!

What is a skin care product you cannot go without before bed?

My Weekend Morning Routine For Relaxation & Energy

During the week, my morning routine is a mess…I don’t even consider it a routine since I’m usually rushing to get ready for school.

While I definitely need to work on my morning routine during the week, I must say that I do have a pretty solid one for the weekend.

I wanted to share a glimpse into what my weekend morning routine looks like. I love to devote time to self-care and relaxation as my weeks almost always end up being so busy and exhausting.

Contrary to the popular saying, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content,” I think that a weekend well-spent can do just the same!

Wake Up- 10:00 A.M.

Depending on how tired I am from the week, my wake-up time varies. I’ve found that on most weekends, my body typically wakes up around 10-10:30a.m so that’s when I like to start my day.

I usually lay in my bed, grab my phone from my night stand and go through my e-mails, my personal and blog Instagram accounts, read my daily bible verse and check out a few new YouTube videos that have been posted from the channels I’m subscribed to.

I know, grabbing your phone first thing in the morning is not the best habit to have, but I’m just keeping it real (and am working on it!)

Morning Skin Care

When I finally feel ready to get out of bed, I head to my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Below is what my current morning skincare lineup looks like!

Breakfast – Avocado Toast & Eggs

I’m 100% a breakfast girl and cannot start my day without it. I love it so much that sometimes I’ll crave breakfast for dinner and have that instead of a normal dinner meal!

I’ve been eating a lot of avo toast lately and I’m not mad about it. I use Ezekiel bread for my toast, a half of an avocado from Trader Joe’s and put everything but the bagel seasoning on top. If I’m up for it, I’ll add an egg on top! I either eat this with a side of hot tea or a glass of cold water.

Catch Up, Plan, Read…

One of the reasons why I love the weekend so much is that it gives me time to breathe. I don’t feel obligated to rush or get assignments/work tasks done for the following day and actually have a bit of time to plan out the rest of the month and start some things I want to get ahead of.

Even though I recommend giving yourself at least a day or a few hours off from working on anything during the weekend, I can’t help but feel a little motivated knowing that I have more free time to do so!

After doing a little bit of catching up on some school assignments and work, I love to wind down by either reading, writing in my journal or planning content for my blog (this may be considered working, but to me it’s so much fun to do!).

This all takes place in my breakfast nook where all the amazing natural sunlight comes in. Being in this environment makes me feel so inspired and happy.

Workout Routine

After a bit of R&R, I like to do a quick and easy workout.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my latest obsession has been jump roping. I usually like to run, but sometimes it’s fun to switch things around!

I love to jump rope for about 10 minutes followed by 3-5 sets of a full body workout (@danalandgren and @kayla_itsines workouts on IG are my favorites!!)

Working out for as little as 30 minutes is an instant mood-booster and I highly recommend incorporating this into your morning routine if you’re not already!

Get Ready For The Day

After I’ve completed a work out, I officially get ready for whatever the day has planned. I am such a huge homebody, but even if I’m not going out, I still like to dress in comfortable clothes as it makes me feel good in general.

What’s something you can’t go without doing in the morning?

Spring break essentials for your BEST break yet

Who else is excited for Spring Break?! Whether you’re traveling or just relaxing at home, spring break is a wonderful time to unwind especially after working endlessly during the semester.

I’m so excited to be heading to Miami in just five days to temporarily escape this cold weather here in PA. If you’re headed anywhere fun, please share!

I thought it would be fun to share some spring break essentials that will set you up for an amazing spring break this year that you absolutely deserve.

Cute & Trendy Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a MUST during spring break and what’s so great about them now is that you really don’t need to break the bank to pick up a nice pair anymore. My Ray-Ban aviators are my go-to sunnies, but you can find much cheaper and similar ones from places like: Quay, H&M, Zaful, Forever21, Lulu’s and Amazon.

Good Book or Journal

A lot of people (including myself) who love to read usually blame our busy schedules for preventing us from leisurely reading throughout the school year. Spring break is the PERFECT time to catch up with reading. If you’re not into reading as much, I recommend a journal so that you can reflect and capture your spring break adventures. Between free time at home or in between travels, reading and writing are awesome ways to kill time.

Spring Break Playlist

Spring break is not complete without a good playlist. The music industry is on fire right now in terms of new songs and albums that are out; there are so many great things to listen to. I don’t know about you, but creating playlists and sharing them with my friends in my free time is such a fun thing to do!

Tote Bag

With traveling (and these spring break essentials of course,) you’re going to need something to put all of your stuff in! I love a good tote bag because they are stylish, yet hold everything you need! H&M, Madewell and Target are all great places to get one.


When it comes to spring break, a swimsuit is a core essential! Yes, while I do have swimsuits from the summer, spring break is the perfect time to begin your new collection to sport at the beach or pool. Target will ALWAYS be my #1 for suits!!

Tinted Moisturizer

I typically wear tinted moisturizer all year long, but I find that during spring break, the lighter the makeup the better especially if you are going somewhere hot. I love my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer because it feels like I’m applying nothing more than a moisturizer on while it still gives me a good amount of coverage. On top of that, it has SPF in it which you’ll need a lot of!

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are definitely in right now and you can pretty much find them anywhere! I’ve been seeing Hydroflasks everywhere I look lately, but World Market (one of my favorite stores,) has a lot of cute ones for even cheaper! Besides, hydration is ALWAYS key, spring break or not.

A Camera

With the cameras that we have right at our fingertips, actual cameras don’t seem to be as much of an essential like they used to. During spring break, plenty of memories will be made. Grab your camera and capture it all!

How are you going to be spending your spring break this year? Whether you are going away or staying home, I hope you’ll make sure to do something you absolutely love!

7 Ways to De-stress, Relax, and Unwind

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetStress and anxiety are two things that I’ve unfortunately had a tough battle with for many years. There have been many bumps along the road, but I can say with confidence that my anxiety has gotten so much better compared to how it was just about four or five years ago.

Along this journey, one of my main priorities has been to find something that I can resort to whenever I find myself getting overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. For me it has always been important to find natural ways to relieve stress and lessen my anxiety, so I thought I would share a few of the things that have helped me so much that I hope can be useful to you.

Positive Affirmations

If you follow my blog’s Instagram, you’ll know that I am a stickler for positive affirmations. Every now and then I love to write down affirmations that have just popped up into my head into my journal and I love to save a bunch to my phone that stick out to me on Pinterest or Instagram. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them!

Not going to lie, I used to think affirmations and positive quotes were incredibly tacky, but that’s because I never gave them a try for myself. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. They are so helpful and can really set the tone for a wonderful day. You’d be amazed at how many just speak to your situation directly!

Put Down The Phone

The last thing you want to do when feeling stressed or anxious is go on your phone just to flood your mind with more emails, notifications and tasks that you’ll eventually have to handle at one point or another throughout the day or week.

Don’t go on your phone first thing when you wake up! Give yourself at least 20-30 minutes to set a positive intention for the day. The same goes for whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Rather than go on your phone, focus on something else like your breathing, reading an affirmation or doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

Talk to Someone You Trust

For me, this person is my best friend. I can always count on her to answer my snapchat messages or phone calls whenever I need someone to rant or vent to. You’ve probably heard this tip many times before, but I can assure you, it works!

Bottling up how you’re feeling inside is never a good feeling nor is it good for your mental health. I always feel so much, if not, entirely better after talking things out with my friend. If you don’t feel like you have someone like this in your life; DM me! I’m always here to listen and talk.

Bask in The Sun

I know for me when I am feeling anxious, stressed or a little bit down, I just feel like sleeping in my dark room all day. But just a little sunlight has the power to completely switch your mood I’ve noticed.

I love to go in my sunroom to lay in there because I can always count on that room to be filled with a ton of natural light. The warmth of the sun makes me feel so good and instantly relaxes me.

Throw Yourself a Self-Care Night

This is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. I like to choose either Friday or Sunday night to dedicate time solely to self-care. Friday nights are a perfect way to unwind especially after a long week of school or work, and Sunday nights are a great way to prepare your mind, body and soul for another week.

My self-care nights typically involve taking a long shower or bath, throwing on a mask and putting on my favorite music while I wait for it to dry. It allows me to forget about all my responsibilities for the day and just enjoy time to myself.

Practice Mindful Eating

A lot of times when we are stressed or anxious we find that our minds feel like it’s all over the place. This can make it really difficult to focus our attention on the little things, (like eating!). Mindful eating is a tip I learned from my nutritionist not too long ago.

Get rid of all distractions and focus on every single bite that you take from your meal. This is a practice that involves solely listening to your body whether that be when you’re hungry or when you’re full. It combines the practice of mindfulness with an activity we do every single day. I love to do this to clear my mind as well.

Reflect on the GOOD

Something I’ve been trying to do more and more lately when I’m having a rough day is to think of at least three good things that happened during the day no matter how bad I felt it went. This is something you can even write down or just prepare a mental list in your head.

This is such a great habit to get into because it shifts your focus from reflecting just on the negativity. It allows you to develop a more positive outlook on life and reminds the importance of taking each day one at a time.

What are your favorite ways to de-stress, relax and unwind? You might be able to help someone else.

My Top Ten Favorite Healthy Snacks as a Busy College Student (Vegetarian & Dairy-Free!)


Being a busy college student, I’ve experienced a lot of days where I’ve had to rely on snacks to get me through the day. Between super long lines for food and a schedule packed with club/organization meetings and back-to-back classes, sometimes it can be really hard to find time to wait for something. To all of you students who go to a big school for college or have a crazy busy schedule, you can probably relate!

Anyway, over the past three years as a college student and a busy gal in general, I’ve been able to discover so many snacks that have been able to sustain me up until my next meal that are both satisfying and healthy! I’m also vegetarian and dairy-free so for those of you who are on the same boat or are just looking for some more snack ideas, I’d love to provide some suggestions!

Here are some of my all-time favorite healthy snacks that never fail to satisfy me:


Almonds, pistachios, cashews, you name it! Nuts are incredibly satisfying and always give me the boost of energy that I need to move forward during a busy day. They are packed with healthy fats and protein and are so convenient and easy to bring around with you. Just make sure to be cautious of how much you are consuming in one serving!

Hummus & Carrots

Of course carrots aren’t the only option to dip in hummus. The list is endless! You can use pretzels, celery, pita chips/bread, etc. Hummus is so easy to locate in grocery stores and not to mention there are different flavors of hummus as well. Carrots and hummus are great when you want something healthy as well as to satisfy your craving for something crunchy!


Ever since I was little, popcorn has always been a huge favorite of mine, especially the ones that can go right in the microwave. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that sometimes, less (ingredients) is more! I love Skinny Pop as well as Trader Joe’s Air-popped popcorn the most at the moment! They are both light, low in calories and have a great flavor.

Apples/Bananas with Peanut Butter

This combo has been my go-to snack for the past week or two. This is the perfect snack if you are craving something sweet. Slice up some apples or bananas and use about a tablespoon of peanut butter to dip your fruit in. It is quick and easy to prepare and tastes so amazing. You can even play around with a new fruit & PB combo.

Protein Bars

I was never a huge fan of protein bars growing up, but I’ve learned to realize that it’s all about finding the right one. My favorite brand at the moment is Larabar because they are dairy-free and are SO simple in terms of ingredients. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough and banana chocolate chip bars the most! I definitely have to try some new flavors.

Crunchy Chickpeas

For an excellent source of protein, crunchy chickpeas are a must! Now, crunchy chickpeas are something that can easily be prepared and made by yourself, but if you don’t have time to make them, my favorite brand to buy is World Cuisine Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas (Sea Salt). I just discovered these last month at Whole Foods and swear I can finish the entire bag in one sitting if I could!!

Edamame (Shelled or Roasted)

Believe it or not, edamame is so satisfying and so fun to snack on! You can roast them for a more crunchy and savory snack or you can eat them shelled with a bit of sea salt. These things are packed with fiber and are so versatile. When I’m not eating it for a snack, I love to sprinkle them into my salads and buddha bowls.

Popcorn Cakes

If you are a popcorn-lover like me, another thing you need to try are popcorn cakes! Similar to rice cakes, popcorn cakes are simply just made with popcorn instead of rice. Skinny Pop sells both regular-sized and mini popcorn cakes making them an excellent alternative for chips. They taste amazing with guacamole or hummus on top!

Pretzels Dipped in Chocolate Tahini

For the perfect combination of sweet & salty, you need to try this. On a grocery trip to Whole Foods a few weeks ago, I came across a brand that was giving out samples of their chocolate tahini spread! The brand is called Soom Foods and their chocolate tahini spread tastes just like nutella, except so much better. They are dairy-free, nut-free, vegan and kosher! As with many spreads, you can play around with how you’d like to consume this!

Nut Butter Stuffed Dates

I hate to admit this, but I just tried dates for the first time last month. I can’t believe it took me so long to try them because they are so sweet and taste like a chewy, caramel candy. A quick recipe that I’ve come across many times online involves slicing open dates and filling them with a nut butter of your choice. It is so yummy!

What are some of your favorite snacks? Whether you are a college student or not, or you’re just constantly on-the-go, I’d love to hear!


Group Fitness Classes That I Love & Why You Should Too!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetHappy New Year! I hope everyone’s 2019 has been off to a wonderful start. If 2018 was a rocky year or you didn’t achieve all that you had  planned, 2019 will be your year and you will achieve any and everything that you set your mind to!

I know a lot of us have 2019 goals/resolutions and many of them include getting back on track in terms of health and fitness especially after the holidays. I know mine do! It’s always hard to jump back into working out especially after a bit of time, but for me I’ve found this to be a lot easier with group fitness classes.

Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite group fitness classes that you should give a try this year if you haven’t already.

Let this be a year of trying new things! Finding a workout class that works for you is an amazing starting point to ease your way back into a successful fitness journey.


If you like to dance, love music, or simply like having lots of fun, you must try Zumba! If you’re not the biggest fan of working out, I highly suggest doing Zumba because rather than working out, it feels like one huge dance party!

Dancing burns an insane amount of calories and I never fail to feel energized and amazing after one of these classes. Not the greatest dancer? You don’t have to be! As long as you are moving and having fun that is ALL that matters. Along with that, I don’t think I’ve ever had an instructor yet who didn’t radiate positive, fun energy!


Barre is something that I tried for the first time last year and I must say that this class is the epitome of the saying, “looks can be deceiving.” Don’t let the tiny movements that look and seem easy, fool you. You will leave your first barre class feeling the burn but in the best ways possible. This is an excellent class to try if you are looking to lengthen, strengthen and tone your body quickly especially before spring break, the summer or throughout the year in general.


In the summer of 2017, I tried my first CKO kickboxing class and quickly became hooked. Not long after, I ended up getting a membership at my local CKO kickboxing gym and went twice a week for the remainder of that summer!

Kickboxing was something that I had always wanted to try, but I was so hesitant to start it because I didn’t think I was strong enough or fit enough for it. It took me the longest time to convince myself to give it a try, but after starting I realized, that’s the whole point! With every kickboxing class you feel yourself getting stronger and stronger. Every punch and kick gets becomes more powerful and your body starts to adjust to the intensity of the exercises. Aside from that, kickboxing is an excellent way to let out any pent up frustration, anger or stress.


It was during my junior year of high school that I first got into yoga. I joined a yoga club with my best friend and it was amazing for so many different reasons. Not only was it helping me cope with the stressful load of junior year, I noticed a difference in my strength by the time the quarter was over. My arms and abdomen got more toned and strong, I became more mindful and coped better with stressful situations, I connected so well with the other students in the class and I learned a lot about myself and the core principles of yoga.


After years of wanting to go to a cycling class, I finally dragged a friend along to do it with me a few months ago at my school. Cycling is INTENSE, but after one class it is so easy to understand why people continue to come back. While my legs may have been sore for what felt like weeks, I developed an urge to want to come back and push myself even harder. Not to mention, I’ve learned that instructors can get really creative with their playlists used in the class. There’s nothing better than a workout class with great music because it makes the class feel a little less painful!

What are your favorite workout classes? I personally love going to group fitness classes because I love having an instructor who can tell me exactly what to do as well as make sure that I am constantly in proper form. I love discovering new classes and am curious as to what the next hottest one is going to be this year!

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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Christmas is in two days, and we’ll be entering the new year in less than two weeks! Time has flown by so quickly.

So let’s be honest. Sometimes the holiday season in reality doesn’t feel as glamorous as it is portrayed in movies, TV shows, commercials and social media.

Maybe you’re finalizing travel plans, or you’re in charge of wrapping gifts. Maybe you still haven’t picked up all of your gifts yet, or you still have to make final preparations for a holiday dinner or party.

If any of the above describes how you’re feeling right now or if you’re experiencing any form of holiday stress large or small, just take the time to breathe. Right now.

Being surrounded by portrayals of situations opposite to yours may make you feel like you’re the only person in the world going through this, but let me be the first to tell you that you’re not!

I’ve had my fair share of holiday stress this year, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that the true meaning of the holidays and how I should be spending this precious time outweighs all of the stress that I have been experiencing.

I want to offer some tips to combat holiday stress because at the end of the day, everything will get done even though you have no idea how.


The holidays are the perfect time to break away from social media, TV, or anything that is distracting you from getting what you need to get done. Sometimes seeing what is portrayed online or on the screen can worsen your stress and make like you feel like you don’t have it all together!

Don’t give your attention to that. Instead, use your time of disconnect to spend more time with family and loved ones or give yourself some time to just unwind and relax after a long day of crossing off tasks from your to-do list.

Ask For Help

Never be ashamed to reach out for help if you need it! This goes for decorating, planning or picking up something that you may have forgotten to grab at the grocery store.

I know you may want to get everything done by yourself, but simply asking a friend, family member or significant other for help can lessen your stress significantly. Maybe for your dinner party you can ask guests to bring a meal to lessen the load of cooking everything. Or, you can ask a friend or someone who is free to help you clean and prepare for guests that are coming over.

Make Time for Self-Care

Whatever your favorite form of self-care may be, make time in your schedule for it. Self-care is something that is necessary to implement into our daily routines. It allows us to listen more closely to our body and mind.

It doesn’t matter how long of a day you’ve had or how much left you still have to do. A few minutes dedicated to your favorite form of self-care won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll make you feel better and give you energy to tackle your next task.

Be Kind To Your Body

Of course during the holidays we are surrounded by so many delicious sweet treats all around us and it is absolutely fine to treat yourself!

But, it is also important not to lose sight of continuing to nourish your body with the proper nutrition that it needs. Doing so will keep you moving and full of vitality.

Along with a treat here and there, make sure you are staying hydrated, and continuing to eat fruits and vegetables. It is so easy to lose track of what you are consuming this time of the year, but if you remain mindful of it all, you can notice a positive difference in your mood throughout the rest of the season!

“Gratitude is the BEST Attitude”

When in doubt, practice gratitude. Think of everything you are grateful for! Appreciate all the good and bad that you are going through because at the end of the day, you will become so much stronger because of the challenges you may be facing at the moment.

Continue to spread generosity and kindness to everyone because everyone is going through some kind of battle whether it is apparent or not.

While the holiday season may be stressful at times, remember to be easy and kind to yourself. No one is perfect and not everything goes according to plan which is fine because that is a part of life. Taking care of yourself is the most important and remember that all of this will pass!

Camille Rose

Skin Care is My Makeup.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m not one to wear makeup often. Yes, it’s incredibly fun to apply makeup for a nice outing with friends or a fancy dinner with my family, but more often than not, you’ll see me bare-faced.

While many girls that I knew in middle school were starting to experiment with makeup, I was messing around with skin care. I don’t recall too much about how I got into it, but I do remember that I would constantly pass time by watching YouTube videos of skin care routines, constantly research new cleansers, moisturizers and masks to try out (I still do!), and pick up a new skin care product every time I went to the drugstore.

It is often said that you should do the things that your future self will thank you for and when I look back, I’m incredibly proud of myself to have gotten into skin care at such an early age because today, it is such a vital part of my daily self-care routine.

Today, I want to share with you some of my current favorite skin care products that I use religiously. It has definitely taken a lot of trial and error over the years to find products that work well for my skin, but I can genuinely say that I am very satisfied with the products that I am using at the moment!

Shea Moisture African Black Soap with Shea Butter for Troubled Skin

I started using this product over the summer and I haven’t used any other cleanser since! It is incredibly effective and always leaves my skin looking fresh and radiant. I bring this soap with me wherever I go.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Before discovering the Shea Moisture African Black Soap, this cleanser was my go-to. I still love it so much! This cleanser removes all of your makeup while giving your skin a deep cleanse a the same time. It is super gentle and has a subtle, calming scent.

Aztec Secret- Indian Healing Clay Mask

After so much hype over this product on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, I had to give this mask a try. It certainly has delivered! I love using this mask after a long, stressful week of school or work. This mask has cleared up my skin so well and I feel like my skin is genuinely spotless after every application.

Bubble Sheet Mask

My current obsession at the moment, this bubble sheet mask is AMAZING and so much fun. I never truly understood what brighter skin looked like until using this. My bestie and I used these masks to prep for a formal last month and after using it then, I was hooked. Also, the way this mask works with its reaction to oxygen makes this a unique product to have for sure.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

This has been a favorite skin care product of mine for years; I think I’ve been using it for around 7 or 8 years! Every time I use this, I’m reminded of why I continue to go back to this scrub year after year. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. It has also helped immensely with fading my dark spots and scarring.

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

Cold weather calls for annoying, rough and dry skin. Cold weather or not, this moisturizer has been a favorite for about 3 years. Not going to lie, the first time I tried this product I was not a fan. I thought it was too thick so as a result, I resorted to thinner moisturizers. By doing that, my skin’s dryness became worse so I resorted back to this product and haven’t turned to any other moisturizer since.

Provence Beauty Repair Oil

I just picked up this oil a few days ago and I love it! This oil is made of coconut oil and hazelnut oil in order to repair your skin from dryness, scarring, acne and more. I love how light and absorbent this oil is making it something perfect to apply not only at nights but during the day as well. With this oil, you really do wake up with glowy skin!

Sisal Cotton Body Sponge

Aside from our face, our body needs just as much love too! I’ve just been getting into using body brushes and scrubs more often lately especially as my skin has been getting drier due to the cold weather. My sisal cotton body sponge gives my body a great exfoliation without being too harsh on the skin.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love skin care and am always on the hunt for new products to try. What are some of your favorites at the moment? Let me know!

Camille Rose